About Us

Our story starts with a love for the theatrics of pro wrestling and the unpredictability of improv comedy. Our founder, a part-time comedian and full-time wrestling fanatic, saw the potential in merging these worlds. The result? A medley of tees that hit harder than a steel chair to the face 💥🪑 and humor smoother than a perfectly executed punchline 🥊🤣.

We’re indy. We’re not beholden to any wrestling promotion. We don’t sell crappy quality clothes because we can "get away with it" simply because we slapped Roman Reigns' name on it...or MJF and Kenny Omega. We’re run by fans like you. We’re watching the same shows, attending the same events, and popping on the shenanigans as you are. We use a sustainable printing method because we care about this blue marble we live on. We love fun. We crack jokes, and we want to crack those jokes and have fun with YOU. Right now, we’re living in a second golden age of professional wrestling so what better way to have fun than by spreading good times one silly tee at a time?