Return Policy

Help! Can I return/exchange my order? 

You got it, champ! We have a 14-day window for returns. If you're up for a return or exchange shindig, drop us a line pronto! Ping us at hello@wrestleprov.com or take the scenic route through the contact page below.

Now, hold your horses – we're nice folks, but not exactly miracle workers. If your order's been chillin' on your doorstep for a fortnight or if it's looking like it's been through a mud-wrestling match, our hands might be a tad tied. Oh, and the postage party? That's on you, partner.

Swap enthusiast? We're game! Once the OG item boogies back to us, we'll foot the bill for shipping your shiny new favorite. But hey, don't make us wait too long – we've got shipping labels to print!

As for our global pals, sorry to say the return/exchange fiesta's local-only for now! International orders are off the invite list.

Help! I received the wrong item/missing a part of my order! 

Hey there, lovely humans! First off, our sincerest apologies – we're not fans of leaving anyone hanging, unless it's a piñata at a birthday bash. And guess what? You won't need to dig into your piggy bank for any surprise costs. If this delightful pickle finds you, don't be shy – give us a shout pronto! We'll bust out the planning hats and make sure you're pampered like royalty.

I think my order is lost...

Oh, the wily world of package deliveries! Once those goodies are handed over to the USPS, it's like sending your hopes on a rollercoaster ride – with loops and all. We'd love to be your package's personal bodyguards, but alas, we can't wrestle with all the variables.

If your treasure map leads to a missing booty, refunds and replacements might be playing hide and seek with us. Lost-in-transit items become invisible capes we can't provide. Time to channel your inner detective and ping your friendly neighborhood mail carrier for backup! 🕵️‍♂️📦